Improve Your Natural Health Website Conversion Rates With A Clear Diagnosis

by Sarah on September 30, 2010


Do you have that sinking feeling that something is not quite right with your website?

You’re getting tons of traffic, but no one’s sticking around to buy . . .

Or the traffic is only coming in at a slow trickle . . .

Are you seeing visitors taking the time to sift through your content if they arrive on a good article . . . but still not purchasing?

Are you not seeing the website conversion rates you hoped for?

If you’re seeing any of these symptoms, your website may be suffering from content non-conversion-itis.  In other words, it may have some content issues that are causing it to . . .

1. Fall in search engine rankings and consequently lose organic traffic.

2. Lose that incoming traffic instead of turning it into happily browsing visitors . . . or . . .

3. Intriguing visitors without turning them into customers or solid leads.

If your website is doing any of these – or even worse, all three – it’s time to see a doctor.

And this doctor makes house calls – at least to your home page via the internet.

As an online health copywriter I see these kinds of problems in websites all the time.  The exciting thing is that they are problems that can be fixed with extraordinary results.

But the first step is identifying them.

For this reason, I offer a special service – the Natural Health Website Content Diagnosis

With this content diagnosis, you get a comprehensive website review and report.  I’ll show you where your website content is working . . . and where it’s falling short.

The content diagnosis is not the same thing as a technical website analysis.  Nor is it a comprehensive SEO survey.  It doesn’t include looking at off-site SEO strategy.

A content diagnosis includes:

1. A collaborative intake process.  With you and your team, I review your website and marketing goals, your ideal customer profile, your keyword strategy and more.

2. A careful look at your analytics to see how visitors are using your site – what content is bringing them in, keeping them there and  – ugh – making them leave.

3. A page-by-page analysis of your content (up to 15 pages) to see if it’s meeting my 5 Content Criteria.  Is it Customer-focused? Clear? Competitive? Conversion-oriented? And Consistent?

4. A total site review with a 31-point usability checklist.

5. A full report and debriefing in order to help you see your website’s weak points and discuss how they can be improved.

These 5 services are all covered by a one-time fee of $1000.

Without a good strategic plan for improvement, it’s easy to throw away $100’s, $1000’s even $10,000’s.

With a plan, you know exactly what to do to get results.

So if you have your suspicions, but don’t know where to start, shoot me an email to schedule a diagnosis.  Email me at 

Take the first step in making your website a conversion-machine.

If you’d like some more information on how to improve your website’s marketing might, get a copy of my FREE report: For Natural Health Marketers: 5 Internet Marketing Mistakes . . . And How To Fix Them For Online Success


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