4 Reasons You Should Have A Health Copywriter As Part Of Your SEO Team

by Sarah on October 19, 2010


Every online natural health business should be integrating search engine optimization (SEO) into their business plan.  And plenty are. 


However, too many are leaving it all to a general SEO firm and leaving out one essential element . . . a natural health copywriter skilled in SEO.


I have worked with too many clients who have invested money and time in SEO only to find that it’s not working for them in the way they expected.  And often enough it’s the absence of a health copywriting specialist with strong SEO skills that’s to blame.


Here’s why:


Reason #1 For SEO Health Copywriter:  Keyword Research That Targets Your Market


The first job of any copywriter that’s worth their salt is to know their prospect.  This doesn’t change when you get to keyword research.  Just recently I worked with a client who had optimized for "cardiovascular disease". 


Yes, there were plenty of searchers for this term, but were they your ideal customers?  More likely than not, most of these researchers were health professionals, public health foundations or high school students working on a paper – not your prospect. 


The average person is more likely to look for cardiovascular health solutions under "heart health" or "artery health" than "cardiovascular health".


Reason #2 For SEO Health Copywriter: Metatags That Convert


I just recently finished working on a client site that was ranking well for some keyword phrases, a phrase that gets about 200 searches each day.  But my client was only getting 30 visitors for this phrase despite his no. 2 ranking position.  Statistically-speaking, he should be getting a lot more than that.


The culprit?  His title tag and description.  Say you’re trying to rank for "heart health supplements". Imagine your potential customer scanning the search engine results listing and seeing just a bunch of title tags that say "heart health supplements/Your business’ name" over and over again.


Now imagine their eye hitting upon one that says, "Heart Health Supplements – No More Worry!"  Now, that would catch their eye.  Especially if the description that followed (the 1-3 sentences under the title in the search results) engaged and enticed them.


A SEO copywriter understands that these key spots are important not only for ranking but for conversion and actually bringing visitors to your website.


Reason #3 For A SEO Health Copywriter: Less FDA Hassles


Now this won’t concern you if you don’t sell supplements.  But if you do, it’s a big one.  I’ve worked with clients that have sent over to me wonderful lists of great keyword phrases.  Each one is carefully selected for lots of searches and not too much competition.


But unfortunately, they also contain terms that the FDA would declare illegal according to DSHEA.  It’s heartbreaking but true, you just can’t optimize your product pages for "diabetes treatment" no matter how many of the people using this search term would love to find your solution.


In fact, the FDA looks at metatags specifically for non-compliant language.


A health copywriter who understands these regulations and has worked with them can help you identify keywords that do meet FDA criteria. And then skillfully write copy that still appeals to people seeking diabetes treatments, even if these words are never used.


Reason #4 For A SEO Health Copywriter: Quality Content, Not Just Quantity


Plenty of SEO firms offer copywriting services to meet the content requirements of developing good rankings.  Content is an essential part of SEO strategy.


But too many of these services give you keyword-spiced content that, yes, bulks up your website to please Google’s eye.  But does nothing for your visitor. I’ve seen website content that doesn’t even make sense.  In less dramatic cases, I’ve seen website content that makes sense but doesn’t make customers or money.  It isn’t compelling.


Every bit of content that an experienced SEO Health copywriter writes will focus on one thing – building a rapport with your visitors and leading them to a sale.  Yes, some of it will be a couple steps away from the sale in the "getting to know you" stage. But it still works hard to build your reputation in your visitors’ minds, build a connection, keep them interested and lead them into your sales funnel.


Better yet, when you create good content that people want to read, they also want to share it.  And here’s where you get a lot of mileage through social media.


So don’t trade off quality for quantity.  Quality is still the most important criteria for building your online presence.



Now you’ve got 4 reasons to make sure a SEO copywriter is a part of your SEO strategy team.


Bottom line, when you make sure good copywriting forms the base of your online strategy you can make sure that no matter how high your rankings . . . no matter how much traffic you get . . .


You convert that traffic to solid leads and committed customers.


What are your thoughts?  Please add them in the comments below.


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Cheryl Heppard December 12, 2010 at 2:16 PM

Great article about search engine optimization and the legal ramifications which are often overlooked! SEO and copywriting are such a crucial part of marketing, yet many health and wellness practitioners aren’t capitalizing upon.

admin December 13, 2010 at 10:48 AM


Thank you for your comment. Indeed, some SEO finesse added to the great information they have to offer could move many health and wellness practitioners’ marketing miles ahead. Also, with many practitioners practicing locally, they have a huge advantage if they applied local SEO to their websites. The competition is not as fierce!

Lucretia May 7, 2013 at 5:31 PM

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