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This Website Works for You – To Help You Make the Most of Your Natural Health Marketing . . .

I am working hard to make this website a real resource for businesses, marketers and copywriters tapping into the health marketplace . . . A useful tool for people selling natural health books, alternative health devices, nutritional supplements, nutritional ingredients or services . . .





And don’t leave without getting at least one of my free chock-full-of-info reports on health marketing . . .

1. 17 Health Copywriting Tactics for a Tough Economy

2. And for credibility-boosting ideas and bringing more doctors to our side . . .Turning Adversity Into Advantage:  Nutritional Supplement Marketing in the Context Of Adverse Events Reporting Laws

3. For B2B marketers looking for ways to use your website better for lead generation:  Turn Your White Papers and Websites into a Recession-Busting Dynamic Duo


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