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Natural Health Copywriter Services

Whether it’s B2B marketing materials for the nutraceutical industry¬†or B2C writing for the health market . . . online and off . . .

All of my natural health copywriting projects follow a five-step process, designed to produce hard-working copy:

A Methodical 5 Step Process for Excellent Copy

Step 1. An initial “download”. I take you through a series of questions about the project over the phone. This takes about 30-40 minutes.

Step 2. Background research. I review our conversation and the materials you’ve provided, as well as research some more on my own. This helps me formulate any further questions I need answered by you before framing my copy.

Step 3. Writing the first draft. Usually this takes about 10-14 days depending on the size of the project.

Step 4. Your turn – review. You review the first draft and make suggestions for any tweaks or changes. We can review your feedback together over the phone if you like.

Step 5. Revision. I make any revisions and submit the final copy to you. You are never charged for revisions that are within the scope of the original agreed upon project and submitted within 30 days of the first draft. All revisions are done on my time to insure that the initial quoted fee is the fee you pay.

What Kind of Marketing Materials Do You Need?

Web site planning and web page writing, refreshing and SEO optimization

B2B white papers or B2C reports


Case studies

Newsletter or e-newsletter/web content

Catalog copy

Marketing collateral – sell sheets, inserts, brochures, etc.

Direct response mail packages

**Please note, if you don’t see your project listed here, let me know – this is not an exhaustive list


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