Bring Out Your Copywriter’s A-Game With This Masters’ Course

by Sarah on September 20, 2010


There are some basic rules to good copywriting . . . AIDA . . . a good headline . . . good proof . . . and don’t forget the call to action!

But then there are principles and tactics that take you deeper into the art of persuasion.  These deft moves have been honed in the ruthless marketplace, proven to work.  They’re powerful.

Most of the copywriters who stumble upon these hold them close since it gives them such a strong hand.  But a few have decided to spill the beans . . .

You can find their secrets in American Writers and Artists, Inc.’s The Masters Program For Six-Figure Copywriting.

Here’s where copywriter Michael Masterson unlocks his treasure box of copywriting secrets, gathered from decades of successful promotions, and reveals potent tools like . . .

  • The art of transparency where price fades as the benefits become vivid.
  • The four-legged stool that any promotion can sit solidly on and persuade your prospect.
  • The core emotion that will pull your prospect into your promotion and hold them there.
  • The final push that tips them over the edge and into becoming a customer.

Masterson shares these and more.

But better yet, he brings in an analysis of the late great Eugene Schwartz.  And then he ropes in copywriting masters Bob Bly, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Steve Slaunwhite to write about B2B copy, writing for the web and catalog copy.

Marketer Sandy Franks helps you understand the marketing mindset so you can be more than just another copywriter.  Copywriter Paul Hollingshead coaches you on developing the voice for your copy.

Finally, an interview with Boardroom founder Martin Edelston rounds it off with another insight into what marketers look for in copywriters and how to be that genius they’re looking for.

Each time I open this treasure trove, I find something else to add a spark to my current project.  Each time I find a secret that helps me write more persuasively.

And if these copywriting insights were not enough, the Master’s Program also provides  two chapters edited by copywriter Don Mahoney about writing efficiently and conquering the blank page blues.

The price is moderate compared to other A-level copywriting trainings that cost over $1000.  And if you went to AWAI’s bootcamp to hear some of these guys speak, you’d have to pay at least twice that.  Paying $690 for these secrets that can bring you projects that pay you $4000 and upwards – not including royalties – is a bargain.

So if you’ve gotten the basics of copywriting down – here’s where you can fly with them to another level.

Add this level of mastery to your copy and you and your clients can be reaping the awards.

Get your A-level copywriter course today.


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