Making Money Online – The Sensible Way

by Sarah on September 19, 2010


There are a million make-a-million-online products out there.  And 95% of them are simply someone trying to sell the same course they bought – for a hefty price – to some new recruit.

But there is another route.  It’s not designed to make you a million – although it might.  But what it is designed to do is to create a solid income online through pursuing your passion – whatever it is.

Think about how you turn to the internet everytime you need to solve a problem.  You hit google and enter a few key words.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a good page or two of information – just on the subject you’re looking for.

The internet has become the go-to place for information.  But there are plenty of topics that are not covered sufficiently – or strategically – in this vast library.

– Single-serving coffee makers

– Home aquariums

– Getting a patent

. . . for example

And when you consider that there are close ot 4 billion people online these days, you can imagine that a sizeable number of people ooking for exactly this kind of info.

Master web copywriter, Nick Usborne, shows you how to create an information-rich site that targets a specific group of information-seekers.  And then he shows you how to turn this resource into a money-making website.

His website on single-serving coffee makers brings him $4000/month on average.

It’s a great strategy – no hype. And you can bring any passion you have into creating such a site.  Usborne shows you how to fine-tune your topic so that it will bring traffic and generate income.

I’ve started my own website on family fitness – – based on this course.  And while I’ve just started out, I have high hopes.  Because my time spent on the web and the case studies Nick provides convinces me that this approach makes sense.

So, if you’d like to tap into the money-making potential of the internet.  If you have an interest you’d love to spend more time exploring and sharing with other people, this course is a terrific guide for combining the two.

Find out how to build your money-making website course with Nick’s terrific course.


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