Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool Review

by Sarah on May 12, 2010


True confession time – I’ve been so excited about this new tool that I seriously considered keeping it to myself and not telling anyone about it.  I felt like it was my secret weapon . . . and I couldn’t help but want to keep it close for a while.

On the other hand, I also felt so excited about it that I was bursting with the news.  And I think you’ll be pretty excited about it, too.

It’s a keyword research tool offered by some friends of one of my favorite search engine optimization go-to resources, Stompernet.  It’s called Market Samurai.

I’ll let you get to the sales page to get the full gist of what this amazing tool does.  But let me tell you how it solves one of my major problems with keyword research – researching the competition.

See, it starts out like many a keyword tool – generating a list of keywords related to your initial keyword and then telling you what the search volume is for these.  And like WordTracker and Keyword Discovery, it will tell you how many websites you’re competing against.

But after these initial bits of data are listed, you can start to narrow things down easily by creating filters for search volume minimums, phrase broad match percentages, adwords values and search engine optimization competition.  BTW, if this sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you, don’t worry, they do a great job explaining the terms.  They’ve had plenty of people new to SEO use it with success (according to testimonials).

Suffice it to say, with just a few buttons you can start whittling your keyword list down very very strategically.

But then it gets even better . . . Just like the fabled ninjas, Market Samurai not only gives you a broad scope of the battlefield, but helps you to really know your opponents intimately so you can map out a stealthy plan of attack.

After you’ve honed down on a keyword, with another couple of clicks you can get a list of all the top 10 websites ranking for this phrase with an extensive evaluation of each one – looking at the age of the website, backlinks, .gov/.edu backlinks, page volume, etc.

Then it goes on to help you find sources of content for these keywords or find the best place to put content so you can develop good backlinks.

And can you believe it?! The list goes on with what it can do . . . This is a beta version but later this year they have programming coming that will hook you right into affiliate programs to monetize your site, help with adwords and a rank-tracking system.

It’s very comprehensive.

Right now, while they are still furiously updating it and working on it, Market Samurai is only a onetime fee of $149 if you get in on it while it’s in the beta stages.

That’s right.  It’s a one-time fee.  No subscription costs – none of that.  With Wordtracker you have to pay $59/month or $399 per year.  Other services have similar pricing.  This offers much more for a single low one-time fee.

Once they finish developing it and launch it for real . . . well, I’ll let you think about where the price may go . . .

I have to confess, I’ve just started using it – so I can’t vouch for the results yet.  It does have a few programming quirks.  I have to update it often since things are changing so frequently in the programming.  But the customer service has been great – even though they are all the way in Australia.  I’ve gotten email responses within a day.

But so far I’m loving it.

If you’d like to take a look at it, here’s my affiliate link to the free trial.  The free trial doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s a good place to start and you can move right through to purchasing the whole kit and kaboodle from this web page.

Not only will Market Samurai help you do keyword research efficiently,  it will also help you speed up and succeed in implementing your entire SEO  battle plan.


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