Online Copywriting Resources: A Few Favorites

by Sarah on December 10, 2009


Now as much as I have gotten great value out of every copywriting course I’ve purchased, (no duds, so far) I’ve also gotten invaluable ideas, tips, pointers and step-by-step instructions for nothing online.


And I know right now – however useful these courses are – times are tight.


So I’ve listed my favorite price-less copywriting resources on the HealthyMarketingIdeas blog.  You can find them here. 


(The order is not necessarily in terms of preference).


  1. Clayton Makepeace’s Total Package.  If you don’t know about Clayton, you should.  He’s brought in more millions with his copywriting than any other copywriter.  And it’s because he knows what he’s doing when he sits down to write.  But he’s also very generous with this knowledge and he gives it away every day with his Total Package Newsletter.  Also, be sure and check out his archives for interviews with great health copywriters like Carline Anglade-Cole (she writes articles for him as well), Parris Lampropoulis and Kent Komae.


  1. Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets.  Gary Bencivenga is recognized throughout the business as an A++-level copywriter.  And he’s put together his best tactics distilled into bullets – or articles – for us aspiring copywriters and marketers.  I’ve printed them out and studied them carefully.  You can access his archives right here


  1. Copyblogger.  Copyblogger’s Brian Clark and Sonia Simone have studied the basics of copywriting and then taken it somewhere else to fit the new criteria of social media.  But just because they bring a “new” approach doesn’t mean they haven’t built a solid foundation with the old techniques.  If you’re looking for great insights on how to write copy for the web or even just insights on basic copywriting, sign up for Copyblogger.  In particular, you might want to check out Brian Clark’s complimentary Copywriting 101.  And Sonia has an email course going right now on Internet Marketing for Smart People.  She’s pretty smart, so I suggest you check her out.


  1. John Forde’s Copywriter’s Roundtable.  A bunch of you just came over from this rich ezine.  John Forde doesn’t skimp when it comes to insights on copywriting. He’s built a solid reputation in the financial copywriting world and now is not only an in-demand copywriter but also an in-demand trainer. I always learn something from his articles – often pieces of marketing or copywriting history that yield great lessons. A few of his articles are standby references I use when checking my copy.


  1. American Writers and Artists Incorporated.  As you can see from my course selections, I’ve tapped heavily into the expertise of AWAI to build my skills and business.  But AWAI offers plenty of great information without a charge.  Sign up for The Golden Thread ezine.  And if you’re writing for the web, subscribe to the Wealthy Web Writer. You’ll be glad you did.

 Take advantage of these terrific no-cost treasure chests. 

Pass them on to other people who may need them. 

And let me know what you think of this selection.  If you’ve got some other favorites, add them on below.


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