Copywriting Samples: Here’s What I Can Do For You


Here’s a few of my samples to give you a sense of my copywriting skills.  Please take into consideration that each project has it’s unique ingredients and resulting flavor.

With each sample, I’ve included a few notes that point out some of the techniques or strategies I employed in this project.

Please let me know if you would like to see any additional samples.

Web Copy:

1800Healthy Product Page

Look for:

  • Subheads and bullets to break up copy into shorter blocks
  • References to product-specific research to build credibility
  • Smooth movement from emotional-linked benefit-oriented introduction, to proof, to call to action

Herbal Choice Mari Product Page

Look for:

  • Search Engine Optimized page title and description as well as body copy and alt tags.
  • Copy for scanners as well as readers
  • Conversational tone with a few good facts for credibility
  • Call to action with risk deferral through prominent guarantee

Autoresponder Series:

Pomegranate Health, Product Promotion

Look for:

  • Subject line that gets opens
  • Story that engages and lowers defenses of prospects
  • Seemless transition to discussing product
  • Good support for product’s effectiveness
  • Call to actions at several strategic locations

Vitakem, B2B Autoresponder Lead Generation

Look for:

  • Subject line that gets open
  • Empathetic opening that makes prospects feel you kinow their business, building trust and positioning client as a resource
  • Solid information that will help business decision makers, again positioning them as a helpful resource
  • Call to actions in strategic places to move leads towards conversion



  • Botanic Choice NewsletterLook for:
    • Carefully chosen subject lines to ensure good click open rates
    • Attention to making health information understandable and interesting
    • Friendly, intimate tone; subject chosen to build relationship and image of company as concerned about overall health of recipient.
    • Sources to build legitimacy

    Jigsaw Health Newsletter

    Look for:

    • More technical and more referenced for different audience
    • Attention-getting subject line
    • Used authority source for building credibility
    • Made technical topic – enzymes- understandable and intriguing
    • Call to action at end

    White Papers/Reports:

    Ecuadorian Rainforest White Paper on Superfruits

    Look for:

    • Creating position for company as thought leader
    • Subtle selling but mostly informative
    • Addition to come will include fruit profiles to familiarize clients with new options

    Pomegranate Health, Antioxidants Defenders of The Heart

    Look for:

    • Pulling the reader in with a simple exercise
    • Engaging explanations of scientific concepts
    • Because it avoids mentioning specific products, this report provides critical information about the client’s product that ordinarily can’t be discussed due to FDA restrictions

    B2B Marketing Collateral

    Enray Organic Imports (Product List)

    Enray Organic Imports (B2B Ingredient Sales Insert)

    Look for:

    • Addressing prospect’s immediate need in headline and lead:  the need for reliably-certified organic imports.
    • Emphasizing distinctive processing and nutrition of products makes them more desirable.
    • Discussing Enray’s relation with farmers and adherence to fair trade adds even more interest in products.
    • Easy to find contact information up front.

    Direct Mail Sales Letters

    NuLifePlus Sales Letter

    Look for:

  • Establishing credibility right up front with founders’ background and realistic claims
  • Zooming in on emotions like frustration and fear and linking product to alleviating this.
  • Making benefits concrete in terms of how prospect’s life may change.
  • FDA compliant discussion of product
  • Underscoring credibility with clear cautionary statement.
  • Making guarantee real.
  • Bullets and sidebars to draw in different readersSugarmakers of Surprise Farm Hill (insert)Look for:
    • Rich storytelling imagery that prospects will enjoy reading.
    • Details about how maple syrup is made that distinguishes product from competitors.
    • Transparency technique a la Michael Masterson makes prospects feel like they are buying much more than a jar of maple syrup – an experience.

    Editorial Samples

    Here are a few samples of my editorial writing.  If you need help with a newsletter or content development, find out how I can help you click here.


    Read This Before You Get The Flu Shot  Health magazine, November 2007

    All Hail Kale  Taste for Life magazine, November 2006

    Preventing Lyme Disease Taste for Life magazine, May 2006

    Saved By The Birds Mothering magazine, March-April 2005



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