Natural Health Marketing: Tips for making doctors our allies


Consumers Are Still Buying Nutritional Supplements At A Steady Rate, But Their Trust Went Down Nearly 10%!

How Can We Fix This?

What’s the first thing you need from your prospect before you make a sale?

Their trust.

And while the nutritional supplements industry has a stellar record for safety and effectiveness, and while a growing number of consumers are disillusioned by the pharmaceutical industry with disasters like Vioxx, our credibility is still going down.

A recent survey by the Council For Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a major trade association for the nutraceutical industry, found that since 2003, public confidence in supplement safety and efficacy had gone down almost 10%. 

CRN has launched two significant campaigns to shift public perception:  An industry-wide dialogue with healthcare professionals and an effort to increase industry self-regulation in ethical advertising.  For more information about these two campaigns, go to the Council For Responsible Nutrition website.

A key broker of consumer’s trust when it comes to health care and making decisions about health products is their doctor.  So what can you do in your marketing to help nurture trust both in your prospects, but also in their doctors.

My report, Turning Adversity Into Advantage:  Nutritional Supplement Marketing in the Context Of Adverse Events Reporting Laws, gives you 7 solid marketing tactics for restoring credibility.

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