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Confused About FDA Regulations When It Comes To Dietary Supplement Copywriting?

Working within the context of the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA) can be quite a challenge.  But it’s essential to know the requirements to minimize any interruptions in your business.

For a great guide on how to accomodate the FDA and still create great copy, check out fellow supplement copywriter Pam Magnuson’s excellent manual: What Can You Say, When You Can’t Say Anything? How to Avoid FDA Red Flag Marketing and Sell Your Products Legally.

This series of articles published by Nutraingredients- USA provides a good overview of FDA and FTC regulation of health copy:

Choosing Health Claims

FDA Enforcement Action On Health Claims

FTC’s Two-Pronged Approach to Ensuring Accurate Marketing

Applying Health Claims

When FTC Gets Tough On Misleading Marketing

And for some additional information, check out the following:

FDA/CFSAN Dietary Supplements: Industry Information and Regulation

“Impossible Weight-Loss Claims” Summary of an FTC Report



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