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Which Copywriting Course Will Move You Forward?

Are you interested in starting a freelance writing business?  It’s a great home-based business – as mentioned in my article How Do I Become A Freelance Writer, Part 1, it can offer you great flexibility, you can follow your passions and interests, and, depending on the time you put into it, you can make plenty of money. For some of my recommendations for starting out, go to my page onGetting Your Home-Based Freelance Business Going.
Are you a health copywriter? If you are, I’ve dug into quite a few resources as I’ve built my copywriting business. Here are the ones that I highly recommend to help you get yours going. Each of these courses have been invaluable for me in honing my skills and building my business and those of my clients.
And the money I’ve invested in each of these courses has paid for itself many times over.
And if you’re a marketer or business-owner, not a copywriter, these resources will provide you with excellent ideas for building your business.
Coming soon, book recommendations that you can purchase on Amazon.com.
When you invest in your business by purchasing here you plant the seeds for economic security for someone else as well . . .

10% of sales from Healthy Marketing Ideas E-Stash Store goes to Heifer International

To find out more about Heifer International, go here.

Writing Irrestible Copy For Nutritional Supplements
By Sarah Clachar.

Step by step instruction on how to write response-generating copy for nutritional supplements. Draws from interviews with top nutritional supplement copywriters Clayton Makepeace, Carline Anglade-Cole, Parris Lampropoulos, Bob Bly, Steve Wexler, Peter Fogel, and Suzanne Shelton.  Find out more here . . .

And absolutely necessary for all nutritional supplement copywriters and marketers is this great overview of FDA restrictions and copywriting:

What Can You Say, When You Can’t Say Anything? How to Avoid FDA Red Flag Marketing and Sell Your Products Legally

by Pam Magnuson

The FDA – I didn’t dare get too deeply into this topic in in my ebook. So I was thrilled when fellow supplement copywriter, Pam Magnuson, compiled this great guide. Understanding the FDA is essential for keeping your business out of hot water whether you’re a marketer or copywriter. And according to Pam, the FDA cracking down on businesses more than ever.

This guide will help you understand the history, the laws, and what you can’t say. But best of all, Pam provides some great ideas on what you can say.

Find out more about this great guide for FDA-compliant copywriting right here.

Success Works SEO Copywriting Certificate Program

Many new health copywriters contact me asking what’s the best way to break into the business. And here’s my answer – learn how to write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy. If there is one area where business is booming it’s in online copy. And when it comes to writing online, the place where the demand is the highest is in SEO copywriting. 

It’s also a great area to transition from more journalistic writing to copywriting.

And if there is someone who can teach you everything you need to know about SEO and keep you inspired and enthusiastic, it’s the “Queen of SEO copywriting”, Heather Lloyd-Martin.

Heather is a terrific teacher and has been doing this longer than anyone. But she doesn’t rest on her laurels. She’s constantly working to keep up with the latest shifts and turns in the SEO world and pass them on to her students.

I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about how to get their foot in the door in online health copywriting.

Sign up for Heather’s invaluable SEO copywriting course.

Secrets of Writing For the Health Market

If you want to learn about health copywriting, here’s the place to start. This course draws from the solid experience of the Health Science Institute, a division of Agora Publishing that is one of the leaders in the direct response industry. In addition to excellent instruction, course includes a spec assignment, swipe file and directory of the biggest health mailers according to Target Marketing. Find out more about how who can get into this lucrative copywriting niche here.
The internet continues to grow and provide opportunities for copywriters, even more so now that companies are trying to budget with their marketing. And if you’re going to learn about web copywriting, you should turn to Nick Usborne. I hired Nick as a personal writing coach and gained great insights through the experience. Nick relies on a very tactical perspective when he writes for the web. He explains this perspective and shows you how to apply it to web pages and e-communication. This course teaches you his special take on web copy that will turn your writing into gold. I highly recommend this course – to find out more click here.

More Great Marketing and Copywriting Books From Bob Bly

Bob Bly has been copywriting for over a quarter-century. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”, a title that many top copywriters would heartily endorse. But one of the things that makes Bob so outstanding to me (and you) is his skill at teaching the art of copywriting. His book, The Copywriter’s Handbook, is considered the Bible of copywriting. He’s written over 70 books on marketing and copywriting.

Everything I’ve read by Bob has been incredibly instructive – clear and based on experience. And compared to all the copywriting and marketing programs that cost 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars, most of his products only cost between $29 and $39. Top advice for minimal cost.

Click here to see the entire list of Bob Bly’s great products for business-building, marketing, copywriting and more.

More From American Writers and Artists, Inc. . . . American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI)has a reputation for training top copywriters.  Established by direct response marketing giant, Agora Publishing, AWAI taps into some of the most-credentialed professionals in the business – Michael Masterson, Bob Bly, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Nick Usborne and more.  If you are just getting into copywriting, here’s the place to get a flying head start.  If you’ve been copywriting for a while, you will find gems that will transform your career.

When you purchase an AWAI correspondence course, you become a member and AWAI provides excellent support for their members in the form of job postings, regular newsletters, phone support, and more.

I’ve listed a couple core ones I recommend for developing your health copyriting business (Secrets To Writing For The Health Market and Writing For the Web 2.0)

Here are some other favorites of mine:

Here’s a great way to create an asset that will generate passive income for you for years to come.
You just need a few ingredients: A passion or interest you’d like to explore and share with other people. A little time to put into creating it. And some strategy.
Nick Usborne’s course on creating an information-rich, income-generating website provides you all the strategy you need. It’s exactly what he’s done to make two websites, one of which generates $4000 in passive income a month for him.
Find out more about this sensible approach to an online income here.
AWAI’s Accelerated course will give you the basics to write solid copy, but if you really want to master the craft, this course is it. Written by top copywriter and businessman Michael Masterson, this course breaks down great copywriting techniques like “The Velvet Curtain” and “The Four-Legged Stool” in each chapter. These are the solidly-tested techniques that make your copy fly a level above the rest. The course comes with a swipe file and spec assignments as well. To get your key to A-level copywriting, click here.
This is where you start from square one. You don’t have to have a background as a writer or a marketer – this course will teach you what you need to know to become a good, solid copywriter. Responsible for helping 1000’s of students enter into this industry, hungry for new talent, this course will give you everything you need to get started. Comes with spec assignments. To find out more about this course, click here.
You can’t ignore it – social media is hitting the marketing world like a tidal wave. Every business has to find a way to integrate social media marketing into their plan. It’s where most of their customers are.
Nick Usborne has done it again with a terrific overview of social media marketing and how you can help your clients with this medium.
It will quickly shoot you into the expert realm.
One of my favorite copywriting jobs is writing autoresponder emails. You can bring in so much storytelling magic and have fun with them . . . and they are so powerful!
Autoresponders are a great way to help clients increase their conversions tremendously while building on existing marketing vehicles. As marketer great Bill Glazer points out, the majority of potential customers sit in the undecided group. Autoresponders are powerful tools for moving them into sold.
Jay White does a great job explaining his strategy with autoresponders here and also shares super tips on how to get clients and build your business. A fantastic course.
My background is in journalism, so I understand the value of this course from an entirely different angle. However, I’ve also discovered how important PR is for supplement companies in the context of FDA restrictions. Good PR can help share stories of healing and compelling research that you can’t in standard sales materials because of the FDA.
Note, you can’t put all of this in your press release, but you can point journalists in the right direction so they can share the story.
For this reason, PR services have become a very important part of what I offer. In fact, you cna build a successful business entirely around publicity.
And this course tells you what you need to do the job right for your clients.
Many new copywriters interested in writing for the health industry focus on B2C. However, while the demand there is huge, the competition can get pretty fierce as well.
Few writers tap into this other realm of the health industry where they’re desperate for good copywriters. What’s more, because of the nature of B2B marketing, they need loads of copy. Most sales are not done with one sales letter but through multiple touches.
Once you secure a client in this area, you potentially have a client who can give you lots of business. This course written by Steve Slaunwhite does a terrific job of introducing you to the B2B marketing world and showing you how to write copy that will make your clients customers for life.
How would you like to stay in a five-star hotel for free? Or get paid to travel to Thailand and sit on the beach? Or even just get a nice tidy side-income from taking photographs on your vacations or around your home town. Not only do magazines and newspapers pay writers for articles about traveling, but even better, hotels, restaurants, museums and more provide travel writers with complementary services! Written by well-established travel writers, this program gives you all the tools you need to set up a travel writing career – part-time or full-time. Get your ticket to travel.

For Moving Your Business Forward

But here’s another approach to building your business online from the king and queen of blogging – Brian Clark and Sonia Simone.
These two tap into their wealth of understanding about the social marketing world and blogosphere to provide a great perspective on how to use it to market your business – and they give you a step-by-step plan to do so.
Once you’ve developed your copywriting skills, you’re ready to get going on your business . . . But wait, hold on, how do I set that up?
For a thorough run through on how to set up your freelance business, this course is invaluable. From filing to marketing; from taxes to time managment, this course gives you a comprehensive guide based on the successes and mistakes of many AWAI students and teachers. Get your business-building toolkit right here.

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