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by Sarah on September 18, 2010


Making your home page work well to keep visitors on your website is a real art.  And no one knows this better and has more experience doing it than Nick Usborne.

Much of my webwriting basics I got from Nick’s course Web Copywriting 2.0.  In this course, Nick taps into his expertise garnered from writing for the web since it just started going commercial. He’s written online copy for Disney, Intuit, MSN, and many more significant clients with success to show for it.

In this course, Nick starts with the basics and then builds with specifics.

He explains thoroughly why web copywriting is different from other writing.  And starts off with important first steps like how to research your audience and how to do some basic search engine optimization.

Then he gets into brass tacks on writing web pages that sell. Starting with the home page, Nick goes through sales pages, subscription pages, information pages, landing pages, emails, enewsletters, and blog entries.

But then he ramps up the value of this course with oodles of tips for writing better websites, emails and better copy in general.

Now, in and of itself this course is value-packed and a sure-fire way to get started with successfully writing for the web.  And certainly worth the $497 I paid for it when I purchased it.

But now you can get it for $100 off at $397.  (BTW, this is a bit less than half of what I charge for one product page on a website.)

And even better yet, starting next Tuesday, Nick is going to walk you through writing different web pages in a series of 4 live webinars.

Nick is going to show you how he wrote specific copy for a home page, a sales page, a lead generation page and an email promotion.

You’ll get a brief from Nick for each page so you can try your hand at writing them.  And then in the live webinar, Nick will walk through step by step how he wrote each page.

It’s a fantastic learning opportunity.

And keep in mind that this webinar series is probably just the beginning of the extras you’ll receive since AWAI has made this one of the “living” courses they offer.  They are continually updating it and adding webinars and other learning opportunities to enrich it.

So it’s really like enrolling in a webwriting school for years to come by paying only $397.

If this sounds like a good deal to you – a great opportunity to bring your online copywriting to another level or get it started – don’t wait.

This discounted offer is only good until midnight June 21.  And Nick’s first webinar is on the 22nd.

Here’s my affiliate link:

Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide To Web Copywriting That Converts

I’ve already got the dates of the webinar written in my calendar.   I hope you’ll join us.  I know if you’re interested in writing online, this will be an invaluable boost to your writing skill development and your business as a result.

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