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by Sarah on January 14, 2010

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know about this offer I’m really excited about.  However this great offer (which I’ve signed up for myself) is only good until Friday (1/15).  So please read on:
If you’re interested in creating a content-rich website that will bring you a nice, passive income, you should consider this strategy.  It’s proven, it’s reasonable, it’s doable.  In fact, I’m working on it myself . . . 
As I’ve mentioned before, Nick Usborne is one of the top copywriters for the web.  And he’s put together a course with American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) called “How To Build Your Own Money-Making Websites”.   It focuses on how to build content-rich ecommerce sites. 
Now, there are a ton of ideas out there about how to make money online, through affiliate programs, etc.  If you’re looking for a strategy, it’s easy to get swamped with all the options.  Plenty of them are real scams, too. 
Nick’s course is no scam.  It’s a tried-and-true method. 
He’s created two sites this way.  His two sites – one just about single-serve coffee makers and the other on web copywriting – brought him $4447 last month.  Nick projects that he will bring that monthly income up to $6500-8000 by next January.
Best of all, he only spends a few hours a week working on them.
And he’s not the only one doing this.  Nick’s documented how scores of other people have done just this. 
But here are two other reasons I love this course:
  1. Nick brings a world of experience in writing for the web.  He’s got 25 years of copywriting under his belt, 11 of those years devoted strictly to writing for the web.  I’ve witnessed his expertise firsthand as one of his coaching students.  I know how much insight he brings to the topic.
  2. This course allows you to build on something you’re passionate about – whether it be growing fruit trees, singing, sci-fi books, whatever!  You can build a site – or several sites – around just about any interest. 
As soon as this course came out, I scooped it up.
However, despite my excitement about getting my website going, I’ve been building it only in fits and starts.
So Nick and AWAI have decided to help us procrastinators move forward. 
They’ve put together a 7 week series of webinars and teleconferences with Nick to get us all moving in building our websites step by step.
If you want to take advantage of this great kick start, you have to purchase this course before January 15th. 

I know this is pretty short notice – less than four days – to decide to do this. 
But you’ve really got nothing to risk if you’re interested in just trying it out.  AWAI’s giving you have a full year, 365 days, to return the course for a full refund.
  • Plus, they’re taking $100 off so it’s only $397
  • Plus, plus, they’ll even link to your website to help bring traffic and boost your rankings.  Once you put your website together, if they like what they see, they’ll make an announcement and put a link from their site to yours.
When I heard about this offer, I called AWAI up right away to make sure that I could be in on the teaching sessions even though I’d purchased the course over a year ago.  I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to really get my website off with a bang.

I’m happy to say, they assured me I could do it too.  So if you sign up too (or if you’re signed up already) I’ll be right there with you using Nick’s plan to build a website that will be a viable source of income. 
If there’s a lesson in the plummeting economy, it’s this:  An independent source of income is a must-have. 
I’m looking forward to creating my security blanket.
So don’t wait and miss the great extras.  Get your course now before the 15th.
The link is right here:
P.S. Not only does this course help you build a content-rich website but it also gives you phenomenal SEO strategy and copywriting skills.  I’ve applied much of what I’ve learned from this course to my working on my clients’ projects.  If you’re already an ecommerce business owner or copywriting online, you’ll get invaluable ideas from this course.
P.P.S.  Like I said earlier there’s no risk.  The only risk you take is by not checking it out for yourself while it’s part of such a great deal.
P.P.P.S.  Just to be in FTC compliance, I will make some affiliate commissions if you purchase using this link.  However, as I mentioned above, I wouldn’t recommend this so highly if I hadn’t invested in it myself.  And BTW, I’m happy to answer any questions.  Just hit reply and I’ll get your email.

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