Curry powder, jerk seasoning and venturing into social marketing

by Sarah on November 17, 2009


I couldn’t say no. 

In his eyes was the look of absolute delight mixed with mastery that comes with creation. And in his fist – a bottle of jerked seasoning, poised to pour into the bubbling curry below.

I’m holding my breath – hoping that this experiment will yield edible results.  At the same time, I’m desperately praying that some Caribbean cuisine maven won’t break through my door and confiscate my spice drawer.

You see it’s Sunday night and like many a Sunday, I roped one of my children into cooking dinner with me.  It gives us a little special time together and hopefully they’ll gain some cooking skills along the way.  (I’m planning retirement from dinner duty in a few years).

But it’s a two-way street.  In exchange for engagement, I’ve got to brave their creative input.  That’s what keeps them interested.  And in the case of my son, who doesn’t really like chicken curry, I’m hoping it will help him develop more of a taste for it.

Sure, I exercise a little control – set the menu or approve one they come up with, moderate the jerkiness factor and I even plop a few raisins in after the “head chef” has left the kitchen.

But ultimately I’ve relinquished some control, hoping for some good results in the long-term.

It’s the same thing with social marketing. 

I started this blog (along with some tweeting and linked-in activity) with some trepidation but plenty of high hopes as well.   Which I think is the case for most marketers, given what I’m seeing and hearing.

Social marketing holds enormous potential for transforming marketing by engaging customers at a whole different level.  As some companies can vouch, it has the potential to rocket your business upwards.

But you have to give up a little control. 

Sure, set the menu, be adamant about a few basic ingredients and sprinkle raisins on your own reconnaissance while the dish simmers. 

But invite your customers to add some flavor of their own inspiration.

Of course you may end up with some dreck you’d rather put in the trash. 

If it goes like my jerked chicken curry, you might be pleasantly surprised by some amazing new concoction.  My son ended up cleaning his plate!

I’m willing to see what happens . . . How about you, what’s your expectations/experience?


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